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Why the Bahamas?

In a world where choice is a luxury, at times such choice causes doubt, hesitation, it clouds your judgement. With what the Bahamas offers, it is chosen for you. Bahamian beaches consistently rank in the top 10 best beach vacation spots in multiple vacation interest sites. Travel Advisor, CN Traveller, Forbes, and Travel US have the Bahamas ranked in their top 10 all-time beach resorts.

Halal + Bahamas: The Perfect Combination!

One of the many reasons to visit the Bahamas and book your trip with us is the weather. In the Bahamas, it rarely dips below 15 degrees Celsius, therefore, guaranteeing you very warm and pleasant conditions that will not only not disappoint, but also exceed your expectations.

The beaches in the Bahamas are world renowned and widely considered to be one of the cleanest and clearest in the world. The pictures do not do it justice, so get yourself and your family here and enjoy an experience that is so unique to the Bahamas.

It doesn’t end there, you can go snorkelling and scuba diving in the crystal-clear water and witness the magnificence of marine life in their natural habitat. Worldwide the Bahamas is considered to be one the best locations for scuba diving and snorkelling at the same time guaranteeing your safety since all scuba companies are monitored and approved by the Bahamas Diving Association.

Sun and Fun on the Beach

You will also be able to get into close contact with multiple marine animals such as dolphins, stingrays, and sea lions. With the dolphins, you and your family have the opportunity to either swim with the dolphins or a simple encounter. Either way, getting up close and personal with magical creatures is in itself  why one would book with us.

From the amazing sun, there is plenty of history to be seen here for those that are interested in more than simply enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and tranquil beaches, the Columbus Monument, Adderley Plantation, Long Island Museum and Dean’s Blue Hole are some of the jaw-dropping sites you and your family can visit and enjoy.

“An ALL-INCLUSIVE getaway like no other!”

We chose the Bahamas because it stands out as one of the cleaner and safer family beach destinations in the Caribbean, where you could feel free to explore sights and experience and immerse yourself within the Bahamian culture outside of the resort with your families. One of the things that you and your family can do outside the resort is high-end shopping as well as a variety of handmade goods. In the downtown of Nassau, you have access to world-renowned Straw Market and across the street from that is The Bahamas Craft Centre. It features Bahamian handicrafts, conch shell jewelry, Junkanoo art, wooden carvings, clothing, straw work, souvenirs, and much more. Be sure to sharpen your bargaining skills for that.

The clearest, cleanest, most respected and world-renowned beaches in the world. Stunning weather and an even more stunning sun. Snorkelling and scuba diving. Interacting with and swimming with dolphins. Exploring the culture and history of the island. Both high end as well as handmade high-quality goods. All in here, in the Bahamas, in one place. A dream vacation, an unforgettable experience, an experience of a lifetime, could be yours and your family’s today. We hope by now, that the burden of choice for your upcoming family vacation is no more, no doubt, no hesitation, just the Bahamas.

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