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If you are interested in hosting any program or Ilminar that we offer at your organization or centre, simply contact us through the form below and let us know which program you are interested in. will plan the selected event or Ilminar from A-Z for your Centre or organization.

 We will also provide the course and promotional material to ensure a successful Ilminar or event.  All you have to do is prepare the venue and bring the people and we will do the rest.Remember we always hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards and will always list the names or logos of partners involved in our collaborated efforts in our promotional material throughout the course and prep time.



Alternatively you may also use to host your registration for any scholarly program, and have all the information and payments be sent directly to you.

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As part of our commitment of spreading husna, we do our best to document any program we initiate in a manner that it may be reused or reproduced by other scholars, community leaders, program coordinators, organizations and MSA’s in their respective communities or organizations. This is just one way of how we share the khair.  Contact us to see if an instructor/administrator guide of your desired program or course is available.


Programs and Courses

Below are some events and Ilminars that you can arrange in an area near you !

Ilminars / Courses

Event ThumbnailEvent NameBrief Description
POH smallPurification of The Heart
Purification of the Heart is a weekend Ilminar and book exploration of the signs, symptoms and cures of the spiritual diseases of the heart.
Prophetic pearlsProphetic pearlsa unique weekend study of Imam Nawawi’s well renowned 40 hadith Al Arba’een, a practical and comprehensive collection of Ahadith that sheds light on every branch of our lives.
Thumbnail TBGThe Beginning of Guidance “The Beginning of Guidance” by Imam Ghazali is a concise practical treatise written in response to one of his students who asked him to pen a short essay concentrating on the methodological (how to) level.
Thumbnail TBGDua - Direction, Discovery, and Devotion We have designed a course that will inspire direction discovery and devotion and allow us to live an “Allah Centered” lifestyle for as long as we live.
By the mercy of Allah we are honored to present “DUA” a weekend Ilminar that will Inshallah enrich your life forever.

Programs / Events

Event Thumbnail Name of ProgramBrief Description
Winter Classic Retreat 2015
Don’t let the return of Canadian winter get to you. is pleased to announce Big Mama’s Winter Classic Retreat 2015 at Deerhurst Resort ( the same place where G8 was held) just minutes from Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area. With just the right dose of spiritual teachings and reminders, this beautiful resort offers a host of wonderful activities and fun for the entire family.
Refresh New Years ProgramRefresh New Years Program
Most people have nowhere to be on the morning Of New Years Day so join we decided to bring families and friends (brothers and sisters), along with many others (over 300 in 2014) for a sweet morning breakfast program dedicated to refreshing faith and tawbah. A great way to hit the ground running for the New Year.
Studnet Night 19Student Night 19Student Nights are monthly student events-For the students- By the students (16 and up), where students of upper grades of high school, university students and even young professionals have the opportunity to meet, socialize, discuss relevant issues pertinent to their lives and ask questions in the presence of scholarly figures. Students themselves choose the topics and dates of the event. These events consists of discussions, talks, Q&A periods, short clips, documentaries, games, sporting events, BBQ’s, trips and of course refreshments and food. Find out when the next Student event takes place in your area and don’t miss this Imaan reviving event!
Intro To Islam ThumbIntroduction to Islam
Introduction to Islam brings your local scholar/teacher into your place of work, school or any other place and give a beautiful introduction on Islam in just 30 minutes followed by a Q &A. An introduction that will bring Islam close to home in the hearts of people, remove alienation and create at the very least an appreciation for Islam.
I'tikaaf TumbSurvivor I'tikaaf Retreat Survivor Youth retreat is a weekend I'tikaaf program dedicated to teaching Students the importance of Ramdan. Through the two day stay students are exposed to various types of adhkar and prayer along with dedicated question and answer sessions. A thorough schedule will be posted of the two days before the start of the program.
FDorF-D thumbnailFamily NightFamily night is similar to a student night except open to the entire family. These events tend to be much larger as they are designed for the entire family unit.
Thumbnail30 signs of hypocrisyThis program starts right after fajr, making an effort to fit the topic of hypocrisy as a fajr event is not as easy to attend as an afternoon event. Within the program the imam will cover the 30 signs of hypocrisy within an hour.