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Husna is a unique experience and it is important for us to know what our guests are thinking. We are excited to share some of the feedback we have received from our guests.

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What our guests have to say?

“Wow Mashallah! I did not expect this. It was definitely the best weekend for me and my family last Winter. Nice resort, Lots of activities for everyone, Halal food, great people and a wonderful relaxed environment.”

“Jazakallahokhairan to Br. Asif and all the organizers. We had lots and lots of fun. Going to pray in fajar with prayer mat, doing Salams to people you see on your way reminded me of going to Haram. We had total 4 of 6 person in each was booked. Inshaallah in 2017 we will bring more friends and family members. Jazakallah one more time.”

“2017 was my third year as part of Husna’s Deerhurst family When I first decided to go in 2015, we went in a small group of 6 cousins, who wanted a winter getaway. In our second year, we convinced our parents and extended family to come with us and had about 15 people in our group. This year, our group grew even larger to 20+ people with family and friends, with newcomers and returners alike. For many of us, the easiest and most practical way to deal with the bitter cold is to stay indoors. If you had told me three years ago that my (somewhat old) parents and aunts and uncles would be so excited for a weekend outdoors in the snow, I would’ve had a hard time believing it. Having fun in the winter weather was a non-existent concept for us youth, never mind our parents. I am so glad that an event like the Husna Winter Retreat came around with activities and events that are engaging and fun for all ages. This weekend at Deerhurst resort is our family’s favorite part about winter and I can’t wait for next years trip.

With such a large group of friends and family, it is never easy to plan an outing. However, signing up for the Husna retreat was only a click away. Next thing we knew, we were all gathered in Huntsville on Friday night unloading our vans and cars. As I saw all the vehicles pull in one after the other, I was overcome with excitement and eagerness as to how our weekend would unfold. The next few days were filled with spontaneous tobogganing runs, gigantic family potluck dinners, early mornings of prayer and solace and late nights playing board games with a room overflowing with family friends and laughter. There seemed to be an endless option of activities ranging from skating and show shoeing outdoors to curling up in bed and watching some TV. Although I totaled approximately 9 hours of sleep all weekend, I had the best time with my family and friends and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. This was definitely a much needed mini-vacation and we will be sure to return next year to a bigger and better event Inshallah.

“Slopes. Solace. Salah. These three words truly encompass the purpose behind the Winter Classic Retreat. Husna has aptly described the experience in such simple terms, but one more word rounds them out and that is Community. The sense of community the two-day retreat instilled was a pleasant and welcome surprise. With this being our first year attending and not quite sure what to expect beyond a weekend of indulging in amazing (halal) food and relaxation, the communal atmosphere was an integral part of the experience. Husna went above and beyond in bringing together Muslims of all cultural backgrounds and ethnicities in an environment that was warm and welcoming. The significance of this cannot be understated especially in a time where coming together is more important then ever. It was not just about seeing familiar faces, but about bonding through shared experiences rooted by the connection of our faith.

The Winter Classic Retreat managed to strike the perfect balance of having enough organized events that served to both educate and inspire along with abundant opportunities to unwind and relax. From something as simple as praying Fajr in congregation to the anticipated dinner event, Husna ensured that our connective faith was at the forefront of the weekend. The women’s only events including yoga, swimming and tea helped to form bonds with one another in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. At the forefront of the weekend were the opportunities to truly profess how Canadian we were be it on the slopes, in a toboggan or on the ice. The weekend proved to be a chance to experience all that a winter resort has to offer in a way that only Husna could provide.

Reflecting on the weekend one cannot help but to smile. The retreat achieved everything it set out to do in an astonishingly organized manner. It managed to reawaken the spirit through relaxation and faith while also strengthening our sense of community and belonging. Such family-friendly occasions are rare and should be taken advantage of when given the chance. It is definitely an experience worth repeating and one that has proven to embody all that it set out to do: Slopes. Solace. Salah.”

“When I heard about going to Winter Retreat in February, I as a senior thought “Oh, what are we going to do at ta resort in the winter time?!” My kids with their families were going so they convinced us too. So off we went.

What a beautiful place covered with snow and evergreens. After checking in, the first thing I heard was Azan for Jummah in the mountains of Muskoka. When you start something with Allah’s blessing Allah SWT will put his rahma and barakah in it . After jumah prayer fun began. My husband and I sat in the lounge watching children laughing and bubbling with excitement and rushing towards different outdoor activities.

I felt so relaxed and happy. My thoughts went back to eighties when my children were growing up here, they didn’t get this kind of fun in winter while following islamic ways, we tried as much as we can. Alhumdolillah those children of eighties are all grown up now and working hard to give their children the opportunities within their own community while following their faith where they feel blessed and like they belong.

We did long walks, enjoy the beautiful slopes of mountains covered with snow, and I love that sisters “tea party”, old and young all had fun. Yoga in the morning for sisters is much needed for our community.

Fajr prayer is the best time. After Fajr we sat doing dua , zikr ,tilawat, while watching the golden sunrise on the white slopes from the hall’s large windows. It felt like Allah SWT was showering his rahma upon us then we all prayed, Salat -ul -ishraq.

Brother Asif and his wife really worked hard and organized the programs well. Alhumdolillah they even managed to get halal food in all the resort’s restaurants. Mashallah fresh Dates from Madina were being served all three days. Saturday night dinner was excellent!

We got to meet some old friends and made some new friends as well. There were lots of prizes given. Deerhurst resort staff was very friendly and helpful.

We didn’t do all those activities but being there watching our future generations of muslim ummah enjoying in a good islamic manner is a relief. The curtains were up new friendship were being made. I find solace ,unity, love among all. Jazakallah khayr to all the organizers.”