Winter Classic Retreat 2019 Activities

There’s so much to do!

Deerhurst Resort has plenty of activities to keep you busy every minute of your two day stay. Take a look at all the fun you can be part of.



Cross country ski Lessons, guides and tours, snowshoe rentals, skate rentals, family & kids fun zone, spiritual programming, kids programming, workshops, ladies yoga & fitness, brothers & sisters exclusive swims, family swims, ice hockey tournaments, indoor family skate, ladies night, table tennis tournaments, awards ceremony, welcome package, free sampling, love and goodness all included!

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country ski rentals are included in your room package along with guided lessons and tours that are offered throughout the Husna weekend.  Book your spot on the guided tour at the activity desk, or explore some of the beautiful trails on your own.  Simply pick up your skis downstairs at the sports shop and you are ready to go!

Ice Skating

Lace Up & Hit the Ice! Pick up a pair of skates from our activity desk and head to our skating trails as this is also included in your room package..  This year we have added a 1km trail around the lake. You also have the option to head over to the  charming provincial park on the Big East River and Arrowhead Lake, just 10 minutes from Deerhurst (take Hwy 60 West, turn right at Muskoka Rd 3 lights, then turn right at Arrowhead Provincial Park Road).

In Addition we have booked out Canada Summit Centre just 8km away for an indoor family skate Saturday 10pm-11pm (20 Park Dr, Huntsville, ON P1H 1P5, Canada).



Strap on rental equipment from our convenient Winter Adventures HQ and enjoy use of Deerhurst’s onsite trails and outdoor rinks.  This is also included in your room package.  Explore the gorgeous lit night trail that has become a great addition this year.

Down Hill Skiing

The weather and especially the skiing and snowboarding has been great this year Mashallah.

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area, right next door to Deerhurst, takes pride in its friendly atmosphere and short line-ups.  Don’t forget to ask for the special Husna discounted rate.

Thurs, Fri, Sat 9am-9pm

Sun 9am-4pm

Fat Biking

Try winter’s latest craze – fat biking! Ride the trails right here at Deerhurst.

$20/bike rental

Ice Hockey & Ice Hockey Tournaments

Ice Hockey will be available on the outdoor rink for the duration of the Husna weekend.

In addition as per our tradition sign up for annual competitive Ice Hockey Tournament:

8 & Under Stick and Puck sign up here

Indoor Arena 9pm

4 on 4 Juniors Ice Hockey tournament  ages 13-9 sign up here

Outdoors on the lake!

4 on 4 Seniors Ice Hockey tournament 14 & up sign up here

Indoor Arena Saturday 9:30pm

Friday Feb 8 2019 12:30pm is the last day to sign up.

Horseback Riding

Stables – Sleigh Rides

Located at the Riding Stables max 12 people

$25/adult $45minutes

Horseback Riding

$50/adult 40 minutes max 4 people

Located at the Riding Stables

Scenic Trails

Gorgeous serene trails giving you the best of Slopes | Solace| Salah

Paint Ball

All we can say that this is literally a blast.  This takes place outdoors at the airstrip.


To book email

Table Tennis

Ebrahim Shaikh will be back to defend his title.

Is there anyone who is ready to dethrone him!?

Sign up is required please sign up here

Last day to sign up is Friday Feb 8 2019

Family & Kid’s Zone

Alhamdulilah this year we are going bigger and better.  We have a great surprise in store for you Inshallah.  Saturday  Feb 9 10am-10pm.

Indoor Rock Climbing


Snow Mobile Adventure

Mashallah this is an absolute thrill and will be booked very fast.

1.5 HR training and guided tour $149/person

Passenger 17 and up $69

Passenger 16 and under $29 (min height 42″)

1/2 hr Mini Sled rides for ages 6-14 $69/person

To book call Bob 705 789 8008


Alhamdulilah she’s back!

Sadaf Jamal is a Nutrition Coach and Fitness Instructor. She is the founder of Move N Improve Canada. Sadaf will be hosting Women’s Yoga fitness session on Saturday morning Inshallah..

Indoor Swimming

Mens Exclusive Husna Swim Friday Feb 8 9pm-11pm


Sisters Exclusive Swim Saturday Feb 9 9pm-11pm


Family swim anytime outside of the above hours.

Spiritual Programming

Our Fajr Programs have been absolutely awesome Mashallah.

Fajr                                7:00am

Recitation/Duas          7:10- 7:20

Fajr Reflection              7:20- 7:35

Ishraq prayers               7:40am

Jumuah will be at 2:30pm in the Peninsula Ball Room

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